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Multivalue Code Snippets

This page will be developed to provide the Pick / Multivalue community with source code snippets that we have found to be useful in carrying out specific functions. Selecting the routine will result in the program code being displayed in a separate window for cutting and pasting to your own files. There may be enhancements required to fit in with various flavours out there (the routines were developed at various times using MvBase or Reality), so check the code first.

If you feel that there are enhancements to be made or unfound bugs in the software then please email any details back to me! Don't forget to compile and catalog the selected routines.


Currently available are routines to carry out the following :-


This routine will, together with the 'Data Builder' routine (CALL.USED), enable the user to enter a program or file name and find out where the item entered is called from and, in the case of a program, what subroutines and files are used. This routine uses the PAGING and USEROPTS subroutines which must also be downloaded. When downloaded have a look at the program notes then run 'CALL.USED' at TCL to build the data file followed by 'WU'(TCL Verb) to peruse various information.


This routine will process / display a file and create a useful document showing the following information

1.what attributes are used and by how many of the records
2.how many fields in the selected file have data in them
3.Whether the field has Value or Sub value data
4.Any Output conversion that may be applicable


A subroutine into which data can be thrown, displayed and selected from. This routine uses the USEROPTS subroutine which will also need to be downloaded!

List in Columns

Enables the listing of file Id's in 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 column format, to screen or printer (using the 'P' option). The routine will also install SORT2, SORT3, SORT4, SORT5 & SORT6 verbs. Requires the cataloging of LISTCOL and the execution of the same as a TCL verb!


is useful to display held print jobs to the screen, it has primarily been written for MvBase usage but will default to HOSTACCESS. Two other routines 80 & 132 are required with DPJ to switch the screen mode from 80 to 132 and back again


is a utility which will display a date in the opposite format to that entered, i.e if 'DCHK 1234' is entered the dd mmm yyyy form will be displayed. Entry of 'DCHK 12/12/00' will result in the display of the internal date.

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