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Rocket Software

Rocket Software features a very rich family of multivalue products that are designed to allow the rapid implementation of complete customer solutions for the ever-emerging open systems marketplace. These include D3, mvBase, mvEnterprise, also the U2 products Universe and Unidata.
You can also get access to support pages for the various products which enable you access to the latest patches and downloads


The latest trading name of the company that provides us with the Reality version of Pick, for a free download of a restricted working version of Reality V15.0 (its a long one), click here to Download Reality V15.0.
(Please read the terms and conditions applicable.)

Do you require documentation or help with Reality?  then click here

mvBase error code information

The mvBase UERROR function usually returns the host's (currently only Windows) error code unless otherwise documented. And since Microsoft does not document all the errors Windows can produce for a given function the meaning is difficult to find.

The easiest way to check what a code means is via a command prompt with the NET HELPMSG error# command. This will give you the description of the error.

Download free on-line version: http://www.jes.com/pb

This was the first textbook devoted entirely to the PICK/BASIC language. It provided a step-by-step approach to learning the language, and covered nearly every instruction in the many programs included in the book. It was modeled after the popular JES course on Pick/BASIC Programming.


jBASE offers a suite of database management products and development tools. jBASE, the flagship product, provides a multidimensional database, a development environment including a development language, and a middleware component allowing other mainstream and standards-based products to communicate with the jBASE products. The unique jEDI middleware enables access to other databases such as Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server. Microsoft Windows, all major Unix platforms including Linux, and IBM's e-Servers are supported.
Click here to visit jBase Download Page.. (Please read the terms and conditions applicable.)


Modernise your legacy MV application and extend its life expectancy.  You can be shown how. Information on the prominent legacy transformation software for MultiValue (Pick-like) databases (e.g. D3, Universe, RealityX, MVbase) is found on this site.
Pixieware® software allows you to build GUI, Web and other modern interfaces for MV data models. Easy to install and learn, they are cost effective. The Pixieware® technology gives you the ability to quickly transform your legacy applications into today's systems.

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